In the current digital era, mobile wallets have become a crucial aspect of our life. When it comes to handling our funds, they provide us ease and security. EasyPaisa is one such mobile wallet that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

However, circumstances may arise where you need to change your registered mobile number in your EasyPaisa account. This post will walk you through the process of updating your EasyPaisa phone number, whether you have a new number or just wish to keep your old one current, let’s dive in!


How to Change Number in EasyPaisa Account


Changing your mobile number in your EasyPaisa account is a straightforward process. Just follow the step-by-step guide below:

Open the EasyPaisa application on your smartphone.
Log in to your account using your existing mobile number and PIN.
Navigate to the settings menu after logging in. They will support you in finding a solution and make sure the transfer goes smoothly.

In the settings menu, look for an option related to “Account” or “Profile.”
Tap on the “Account” or “Profile” option to proceed.
Within the account or profile settings, you should find an option to update your mobile number. The option may be labeled as “Change Mobile Number” or something similar.
Tap on the “Change Mobile Number” option to initiate the process.
The app will prompt you to enter your new mobile number. Carefully enter your new number and double-check for any errors.
After entering the new number, EasyPaisa will send a verification code to your new mobile number via SMS.
Retrieve the verification code from your SMS inbox and enter it in the app when prompted.
Once you’ve entered the verification code correctly, EasyPaisa will validate the code and verify your new mobile number.
Congratulations! Your mobile number has been successfully updated in your EasyPaisa account.


Benefits of Changing Number in EasyPaisa Account

Changing your mobile number in your EasyPaisa account offers several benefits, including:

Security: Updating your mobile number ensures that you have the latest contact information associated with your account, which adds an extra layer of security.

Smooth Communication: By having your current mobile number registered, you can receive important notifications, transaction alerts, and promotional offers directly on your phone.

Access to Features: Some features or services in EasyPaisa may be linked to your mobile number. By keeping your number updated, you can take full advantage of all the functionalities offered by the app.

Continuity of Service: In case you lose or change your mobile device, having an updated mobile number allows you to seamlessly transition to a new device without any disruption in service.

FAQs about Changing Number in EasyPaisa Account


Can I change my EasyPaisa number online?

No, changing your EasyPaisa number cannot be done online. You need to follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article to change your number within the EasyPaisa mobile app.

Is there a fee for changing the number in EasyPaisa?

No, EasyPaisa does not charge any fee for changing your registered mobile number. It is a free service provided to its users.

Will changing my EasyPaisa number affect my account balance?

No, changing your mobile number in EasyPaisa will not affect your account balance or any funds associated with your account. Your balance and transaction history will remain intact.

Can I use my new number immediately after updating it in EasyPaisa?

Yes, once you’ve successfully updated your mobile number in EasyPaisa, you can start using your new number immediately for all transactions and services offered by the app.

What should I do if I encounter any issues while changing my number in EasyPaisa?

If you encounter any issues or have difficulties changing your number in EasyPaisa, it is recommended to contact EasyPaisa’s customer support.They’ll help you fix the problem and make sure the move goes smoothly.

Is it necessary to update my mobile number in EasyPaisa?

While it is not mandatory to update your mobile number in EasyPaisa, it is highly recommended. Keeping your contact information up to date ensures a seamless user experience and enables EasyPaisa to provide you with relevant updates and information.


In conclusion, changing your mobile number in your EasyPaisa account is a simple process that can be done within the EasyPaisa mobile app. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can update your number and continue using EasyPaisa without any interruptions. So, if a circumstance arises when changing your phone number is required, don’t panic! EasyPaisa has got you covered.

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