How to Fill a Check in Pakistan

Heading 1: Gather the Required Materials

Before you start filling out a check, gather the necessary materials to streamline the process. Make sure you have the following items on hand:

  • A valid checkbook
  • A pen with permanent ink

Heading 2: Date the Check

To start, locate the designated area for the date on the check. Write the current date using the DD/MM/YYYY format. Ensure that the date is accurate to avoid any confusion or delays in processing the check.

Heading 3: Write the Payee’s Name

In the “Pay to the Order Of” field, write the name of the person or organization to whom you are making the payment. Be sure to use the correct spelling and include any necessary details such as titles or suffixes.

Heading 4: Fill in the Amount in Numbers

Locate the space provided for writing the payment amount in numbers, usually towards the right-hand side of the check. Write the exact payment amount using numerals. For example, if the amount is PKR 5000, write “5000.00” in the appropriate box.

Heading 5: Write the Amount in Words

Next, you’ll need to write the payment amount in words on the line provided below the payee’s name. Start by writing the currency denomination (e.g., “Pakistani Rupees”). Then, write out the payment amount in words, being careful to write clearly and legibly. For instance, if the payment amount is PKR 5000, write “Five Thousand Rupees Only.”

Heading 6: Memo or Description

If you wish to include a memo or description for your reference, locate the designated memo line on the check and write a brief note. This step is optional but can be helpful in identifying the purpose of the payment.

Heading 7: Sign the Check

At the bottom right corner of the check, you’ll find a designated space for your signature. Sign the check using your legal signature, ensuring consistency with the signature on file with your bank. Avoid signing checks in advance to prevent unauthorized use.

Heading 8: Optional: Add a Restrictive Endorsement

If you want to restrict the check to only be deposited into a specific bank account, you can add a restrictive endorsement. On the back of the check, write “For deposit only to account # [account number]” followed by your signature. This step adds an extra layer of security to the check.

Heading 9: Record the Transaction

To keep track of your payments, it’s essential to maintain a record. Before parting with the check, make a note of the transaction in your check register or any other personal record-keeping system you use. This practice helps you reconcile your bank statement accurately.

Heading 10: Submit the Check

Once you’ve filled out the check, it’s ready for submission. Deliver the check to the intended recipient, ensuring it reaches the right hands securely and promptly.

Heading 11: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to filling out checks in Pakistan:

  1. Can I use a pencil to fill out a check in Pakistan?
    • It is recommended to use a pen with permanent ink to fill out a check in Pakistan. Pencil marks can be erased or tampered with, potentially leading to complications during the check-clearing process.
  2. Should I include the payment recipient’s address on the check?
    • While it’s not mandatory to include the recipient’s address, you can choose to do so for additional clarity or if requested by the recipient.
  3. What should I do if I make a mistake while writing a check?
    • If you make a mistake while filling out a check, it’s crucial to void the incorrect check and start fresh on a new one. Avoid using correction fluids or crossing out errors, as it can raise concerns during the check-clearing process.
  4. Can I use abbreviations while writing the payment amount in words?
    • It is advisable to write the payment amount in full words without using abbreviations. This practice ensures clarity and reduces the chances of misinterpretation.
  5. How long are checks valid in Pakistan?
    • Generally, checks in Pakistan are valid for six months from the date they are issued. However, it’s always best to consult with your bank to confirm their specific policies regarding check expiration.
  6. Can I post-date a check in Pakistan?
    • Yes, you can post-date a check in Pakistan. However, it’s essential to communicate the agreed-upon date with the recipient to prevent any inconvenience.


Filling out a check in Pakistan may seem daunting at first, but by following these step-by-step instructions, you can ensure accuracy and avoid any potential complications. Remember to gather the necessary materials, double-check the information you enter, and maintain a record of your transactions. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll navigate the check-writing process with confidence and ease.


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